How To Read Coupon Fine Print

The couponing fine print is something that can be a little tricky sometimes. A lot of people misunderstand it at first, sometimes even employees. If that ever happens, be very polite because it’s a common misconception. These are common policies that stores and manufacturers follow to be reimbursed properly. This ensures that coupon fraud doesn’t get out of hand.

Example of coupon in order to see fine print

Limit One Coupon Per Purchase

This means you can use a limit of one coupon per purchase, which means per item purchased. This enforces that you can’t use two coupons for one item. For example, let’s say you have a $3 off 1 Suave coupon. According to that, you can only purchase 1 Suave item and get $3 off of it. However, if you have two $3 off Suave coupons, you can get 2 Suave items. 

Another example is if you have a “$5 off 2 Nexxus Products” coupon. If you have one coupon, you are purchasing a set of two Nexxus products. If you have two coupons, you can get 4 items because that’d be a purchase of two sets per coupon. 

Limit of X Like Coupons Per Transaction

Like coupons mean identical coupons. For example, if it says “limit of 2 like coupons per transaction”, you can only use 2 identical coupons per transaction.

Limit One Coupon Per Transaction

Many people get purchase confused with a transaction. A transaction means a store transaction. If your coupon says this in the fine print, you can only use 1 coupon per transaction.

Now, you can use similar coupons as long as they are not identical. For example, if you have a “$4/2 Suave” and a “$1.50/1 Suave”, and they both have “Limit of 1 Coupon Per Transaction”, you can use both in one transaction because they’re not the same coupon. You can make separate transactions if you’d like to use multiple coupons. 

Cannot be combined with any other coupon/offers

These coupons cannot be combined with another identical manufacturer coupon. It can be similar but cannot be the exact same type. This one is really confusing, but it refers to only that specific product and “like” coupons. This discourages using multiple coupons of one type (manufacturer, store, etc) on one product.

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