[SWAGBUCKS] Free Walmart+ Annual Membership + $20 MM

If you don’t already know, there is a free ANNUAL Walmart+ subscription via Swagbucks. Swagbucks operates by paying for offers. Shortly, you are rewarded in the form of Swag Bucks (SBs). You can transfer those points straight to your PayPal or gift cards. Swagbucks has given me so many moneymaker deals and they are trustworthy. If you’re not sure how Swagbuck works, please read to the bottom of this post.

The most important thing before doing this offer is you must turn off all AdBlockers and site tracking options on your web browser. This allows SwagBucks to track you doing other deals that direct you to another website.

The Offer

(Posted 12/9/2020) The direct link to the offer is here, where you can scroll down and view it “11500 SB + $3 SB Bonus” for signing up for an annual membership. The annual membership costs $98 for the year. That should be at a minimum a $17 moneymaker. The offer says it won’t pend for at least 7 days or after the trial. Patience is a virtue.

Walmart+ subscription Swagbucks offer
Deal on SwagBucks as of 12/9

So it says if you purchase an annual subscription up to $98 a year, you will earn up to 11500 SB ($115) and a $3 bonus. You cannot cancel your free trial, or your points will not be rewarded. My free trial will last for 30 days but you can opt-out of that, and your free trial may last 2 weeks.

You can earn a $3 (300) bonus when you make your first purchase with Walmart+.

As a precaution, screenshot everything as proof until you are awarded the points. In the case you ever need to send Customer Service a ticket, it’s good to have that on hand – but once again, this is coming from someone that is an extra skeptical individual.

Walmart+ subscription free offer limits

Chase is also having a targeted ad where if you add it onto your Chase card, you get a $10 bonus if you purchase a Walmart+ subscription. This could make it a $27 MM.

Never Used Swagbucks Before?

If you’ve never used Swagbucks before, I highly recommend it for their Discover and In-Store Deals. You can use my referral link to earn 300 SB ($3) once you earn your first 300 SB, which is very easy to come by.

One thing I recommend for Swagbucks is following the policies and fine print very closely. You may not get awarded your points if you do not follow the fine print to a T.

Please remember to turn off ad blockers and site tracking or else your link could not track, which in turn could not award you the Swag Bucks. There have been times where I was able to submit a ticket when I had my ad blocker on. I was rewarded after I submitted a ticket. However, if Swagbucks cannot verify you made a purchase with the vendor, they may not reward you. As I said, be very cautious and make sure to read all the fine print.

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