Vuse Vapor GFT4U Offer

[Swagbucks/MyPoints] $75-100 MM with “GFT4U” Vuse Vapor Offer

Disclaimer: I do not endorse nicotine or tobacco products. However, I am putting this option out there for people who are looking for huge moneymaker deals. For some, $75-100 is too hard to turn away from. What you choose to do (throw it away, use it, etc) is up to you at your own risk. Make informed and responsible decisions about what you choose to do with nicotine products and purchases from Vuse Vapor.

Both Swagbucks and MyPoints are offering points back to some users for making a purchase for a new offer, “GFT4U”. When you make a $25 minimum purchase Vuse Vapor, you get points back via Swagbucks or MyPoints. You can use code “GFT4U” (limit one promo code per account) on a Complete Kit for 25% off. I found that I didn’t need the promo code, just the $25 minimum to get my points pending to me. Swagbucks offers 10,000 points ($100) when you buy $25+. MyPoints will offer 20,000 points (about $125) when you buy $25+. Some accounts may not have this offer, check your account to see that you have this offer before purchasing.

Disclaimer/offer details for Vuse Vapor GFT4U Deal
Disclaimer for offer details

If you aren’t familiar with Swagbucks or MyPoints, they are websites that are fantastic for making money by doing deals, surveys, and more. These offers — specifically with Vuse Vapor — take about 45 days to pend, so patience will definitely be needed. You must sign up through a direct link located in Discover Offers and RevU Universe. Additionally, you cannot have any ad blocker/site tracking prevention software. It needs to be on in order for the offer to track.

Typically, once I complete the offer, the points will pend immediately in my ledger. If your points do not show up, keep confirmation of all receipts, emails, and packaging slips. Then, send a ticket to Swagbucks or MyPoints’ customer service after 40-45 days. They will reward you the points though it may take some time for them to get back to you.

I ordered 1 Tote Bag ($15) and an Alto device ($1) which after shipping, excise tax and taxes, came to just about $26 on both accounts.

Step By Step: How To Use Swagbucks/MyPoints for this Offer
- Sign up for an account. Only one account per Swagbucks and MyPoints per person. Having more on each than one can get you banned.
- Read ALL directions and disclaimers carefully.
- Make sure you do not have tracking prevention/adblockers on so that they can track your referral link. You can turn it on/off before and after you complete the offer if you'd like. 
- Your purchase total can be $15, etc as long as after all shipping and taxes meet the $25 minimum.
- Your points should pend immediately into your ledger, but if not, it can take up to 45 days to pend.
- After 45 days (or whatever date they say your points will be credited according to the ledger), you will receive the points into your account to redeem via Paypal/Gift Cards/etc. 
- I would save all shipping labels, confirmation emails, EVERYTHING until the points are pending and my items are received. If it does not pend immediately or after 45 days, send in a support ticket. They are really good with crediting you if you have everything you need however they may get back to you after a few days. 

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