[MyPoints/Swagbucks] Pay $23, Get $50-56 Back with HelloFresh

Swagbucks and MyPoints is offering a deal right now that when you get a HelloFresh subscription, you get $50 and $56 back, respectively. Swagbucks offers 5,000 Points ($50) while MyPoints offers 9,000 Points ($56). You can only do this offer once per Swagbucks/MyPoints account and for new subscribers (one per email). I went ahead and did the MyPoints offer since it was a little bit of a bigger moneymaker.

HelloFresh is a food delivery subscription service that will deliver fresh food and recipes to your door.

If you’re not familiar with how Swagbucks or MyPoints works, you must know that patience is key with these deals. The points will not be in your account for 32 days but will appear as pending usually the day after. You cannot have any ad-blockers or site tracking prevention on or else it will not track your offer. If a deal does not work out, keep all shipping labels, confirmation emails, and whatever else you may get in the mail. Submit a ticket to the respective offer site if your points do not pend after 32 days of offer completion.

Below is the offer terms on MyPoints.

MyPoints offer details
MyPoints offer details

What I Did

I signed up for HelloFresh on a new email. Then, I chose the smallest box possible – 2 people, 3 servings. I let them pick whatever meals they want for me to get at the cheapest possible price. Mine ended up being $22.93. I set a calendar reminder and a note timer to cancel on January 6th, 11 days after the subscription. I went ahead and “skipped” the next few weeks so that it doesn’t automatically charge me. HelloFresh automatically completes all orders every Saturday to finalize meal choices for the following week so make sure you pick before then.

You could choose other meals that accommodate to your liking but I found it confusing and it increased my price, so I went back to their pre-selected meals.

What I did with HelloFresh

You’d need to cancel the subscription after the 10 day mark and skip a week to have it be a money maker. If not, you would just get 2 weeks for free.

Offer Fine Print

You must be subscribed for 10 days to earn the points. You cannot layer any other promotional codes with this offer. The points will pend for 32 days and then will be rewarded. The offer can only be redeemed once per user. Points will be revoked for canceled orders. If you aren’t credited within 32 days of offer completion, submit a ticket to MyPoints.

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